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Happy Labor Day from AG Millworks!
Friday, August 29 2014


The AG Millworks team would like to wish you a Happy Labor Day! In celebrating all the hardworking individuals on this special day, we encourage you to take advantage of your beautiful outdoor space and throw a party! Being surrounded by friends and family is the best way to celebrate the holiday.


When hosting a party, it is important that you do some tidying up and prepare your beautiful home so that it can shine in its best light. Although your Labor Day party will be held on your luxurious patio, it is equally important to tend to other areas of the home. Start by clearing your yard of any toys or debris, and give it a good trimming. While you are working in the yard, don’t forget to cut and display some fresh flowers throughout your home and patio.


Since your bi-fold patio doors will be secretly tucked away, allowing the outdoors and indoors to blend together, you will want to tidy up the inside of your home as well. Display healthy snacks for guests who are walking through your beautiful patio doors into the outdoor space.


After all the tidying up is complete, you can finally start prepping the patio. Start by preparing your outdoor bar and grill. If you have regrettably not touched your grill all summer long, give it a good cleaning before the party begins. When choosing which delicious items to toss on the grill, think about what your guests will most enjoy. Consider trying one new creative recipe along with your tried and true barbecue favorites for Labor Day celebrations.


Now, it is time to decorate. Since your barbecue will likely be concluding during the evening hours, you will want to set up exterior lighting. Spread strings of holiday lights around the perimeter of your yard for a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. You will also want to put out citronella candles for both additional lighting and bug repellent. Lastly, add some colorful decorations to your patio, and make for a memorable Labor Day!


Most importantly, make an effort to enjoy your party just as much as your guests. While you may be inclined to tidy up and clean throughout the party, it is important that you have the opportunity to celebrate Labor Day as well.


The AG Millworks team hopes you enjoy your Labor Day celebrations safely and responsibly! Happy Labor Day! Click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started building or remodeling the entertaining home of your dreams!



The Benefits of Natural Lighting in Your Home
Monday, August 11 2014


While most of your home’s design is intended for functional purposes, doors and windows have the power to not only light up a room, but change your mood, your health, and the comfort of your home. While you may think your attention is better focused on interior design and following the latest trend, the doors windows of your home (also known as fenestration) are the most important aspect. Natural light can make the difference between an ordinary house and a luxurious, spacious home. Here is a list of reasons why you should invest in beautiful large doors windows:


§  The biggest advantage is the mood changing benefits that come from natural light. Just as relaxing in the sun provides you with enjoyable feelings and sensations, natural light from large windows will give you the same positive emotions. Light from an artificial source simply does not make us feel the same happy thoughts.

§  Rooms that are illuminated and well-lit give off a spacious feel.

§  When we are stuck in the office all day, we forget how amazing the sunlight feels. Our bodies receive both therapeutic and mental health benefits from the natural light that comes through large windows.


At AG Millworks, we understand the importance of having a natural light source in our homes. That is why we handcraft the most strikingly beautiful patio doors and windows so you can reap benefits the benefits of natural light. Choose from Bi-Folds, lift and slides, multi-slides, standard sliders, and almost any window imaginable. Whatever your door and window goals are, we promise to exceed your expectations so you can transform your house into a beautiful masterpiece you will feel lucky to wake up in every day.


Click on the Match Me with a Dealer button and we’ll get started building your dream doors and windows. We can help you transform your home and exceed your expectations with our highly innovative designs.


Aesthetic Benefits of a Large Glass Patio Door
Monday, August 04 2014


Your patio door is the opening to a relaxing space that is all your own where you can settle down after a long day at work. There is nothing more beautiful than being welcomed home by your entire backyard and view without even having to open a door. The expansive glass patio door is one of the most aesthetically pleasing features of a home. It creates an inviting atmosphere with a breathtaking view. If you are looking to add a large glass patio door to your life, there are a variety of options to consider. Here are a few helpful tips:


§  Sliding Doors offer the most universal benefits and pair perfectly with any home design theme. Whether you are looking for a contemporary look or want to stick to traditional design, a sliding glass door will give a spacious, aesthetically pleasing feel. AG Millworks offers beautiful choices in the “Lift and Slide Patio Doors Without Pocket” category. Our “Pocketing Life and Slide Patio Doors” allow you to conceal your door completely when open. Since your door will be completely concealed in the wall, you will be able to blend the indoor and outdoor atmosphere seamlessly. With either option, you have the freedom to choose from an array of natural interior wood surfaces while eliminating the need to step over a sill.

§  Bi-Fold Doors differ from sliding glass doors in that they fold, accordion-style against one side of the opening. If you do not have the wall space for in-wall pockets, this is the best alternative and it will offer just as beautiful a view as a sliding glass door with pockets. AG Millworks offers both all wood and aluminum clad/wood Bi-Fold doors. If you choose an odd number of door panels such as 3, 5 or 7 for your Bi-Fold door, you’ll have a standard daily door for quick in and out trips to the patio, which is super convenient. We can offer you the smoothest transition from inside to outside with our innovative designs. You are welcome to choose from an array of wood species, and we’ll even apply a different wood species on the outside and inside surfaces of almost any door or window we make.


Click on the Match Me with a Dealer button. We’ll guide you through the process of choosing the perfect glass patio door for your indoor/outdoor living space.


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