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Preparing to Impress During the Holidays with Custom Entry Doors
Monday, September 29 2014


As we plan the dates our friends and relatives will be arriving to visit for the holidays, we begin to think of how we can prepare our homes to impress. It is surprising that many homeowners do not realize what entry doors say about a home. As you approach a door with a homemade casserole in hand, naturally, you prepare yourself for what is inside based on the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the entry doors. Installing custom entry doors will not only increase the value of your home, but it will transform the first impression of each guest in a remarkable way.


§  For homes with contemporary design elements, the innovatively designed Passages or Voyages entry systems may be the perfect pick. Passage entry doors incorporate leaded glass contemporary designs, raked interlocks, aluminum inserts, and a variety of real wood species on the interior to completely transform the first impression of a home.

§  Landmark entry doors are the most traditional entry systems, incorporating traditional architectural styles while keeping contemporary design techniques in the realm of possibility. You have the option to customize these entry ways with nearly any wood species and make it as modern or traditional as you like.

§  At AG Millworks, we take pride in our ability to integrate the authentic design elements of the Craftsman architectural era of 1900-1939 and modern construction techniques when we create your custom Craftsman doors. Whether you are beginning construction now, or are looking to add a Craftsman door to your home which was built in 1912, our hand-crafted products will transform your entry in an exceptional way.

§  Many California homeowners looking to recreate the stunning entryways of Europe and Latin America choose to incorporate iron grilles into their door. AG Millworks’ handcrafted iron grilles are a distinctive and bold way to customize your home’s entry.

§  Rustic design elements of the Rancho style from AG Millworks allow you to warm up the atmosphere of your home in old-world ways. With a variety of distinctive distresses and prefinish options, Rancho entry doors will mirror the design elements of a Tuscan Villa, a Mediterranean Revival, or even a California ranch home.


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks in California can help your entry make a stunning first impression to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your home.

Maximizing Natural Light with Entry Doors, Patio Doors, & Windows
Monday, September 22 2014


Many homeowners fail to utilize the inherent beauty of their homes, assuming that massive renovation projects are the only way to increase aesthetic appeal. Homeowners that utilize natural lighting create a unique ambiance that not only increases the value of your home, but also makes for a more enjoyable environment. There are a variety of design techniques that you can take advantage of when maximizing natural light in your home.


§  The entry doors of your home are the first impression maker. Rather than having a solid wood entry door, install a landmark or craftsman entry door that will invite guests in and create a warm, welcoming ambiance the moment you enter the house. The light will penetrate through the glass of your entry door in a way that will showcase your home in the light it deserves.

§  Increasing natural light in a room can be as simple as utilizing the windows of your home. Custom windows that expand the view of your local landscape can truly transform any room. Why should those enjoying a family meal in your dining room be shielded from the beauty that lies on the other side of the wall? Curved glass windows, tilt-turn windows, large picture windows and bow windows can invite guests to view the outside world from the comfort of your home.

§  Bi-fold patio doors and pocketing lift and slide patio doors are the perfect way to incorporate indoor outdoor living and have the doors completely out of your way when you are entertaining. No longer will you be constrained by space, weather, or traffic restrictions. When open, your pocketing lift and slide doors will be invisible to guests. You can blend the outside with the inside, and allow the fresh breeze to fill your home with natural scents and natural lighting.


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality green materials, AG Millworks in California can help assist you in utilizing the true beauty of your home. When you choose AG Millworks products, you can rest assured that everything is Title 24 compliant and energy efficient.


Retractable Screens Blending the Out with the In
Wednesday, September 10 2014


Are you interested in installing beautiful patio doors in your home, but are worried about pesky insects invading? Similar to the way your doors can disappear with AG Millworks pocketing multi-slide and lift and slide patio door designs, you can add to any patio door retractable screens that vanish as well. With retractable screens on your doors and windows, you can choose when you want your screens to appear.


We call them Retractable Accordion Screens, and they screen openings as wide as 30 feet and as tall as 10 feet! And even better, when you order a retractable screen on your AG Millworks patio door, we incorporate the screen into the interior jamb right on our factory floor as we are building your patio door, so the screen mechanism blends right into the unit and you don’t have to pay your installer to assemble and retrofit it.


For those moments when you still want the cool breeze to fill your home, you can simply extend your screen or screens across the opening as a protective shield. Besides keeping bugs out, retractable screens help you enjoy the summer breeze while reducing glare as you watch your favorite movie. The ability to blend the indoor and outdoor becomes possible, without inviting bugs in.


Retractable screens also provide a variety of environmental benefits. On moderate weather days, just slide the screens across the door or window and your home will require less energy to become cool again without running the HVAC system. Allowing natural light into your home through your screens means you can reduce electricity costs. And by maximizing daylight, you can eliminate the need for artificial light sources throughout the day.


There is no better feeling than enjoying the outdoor lifestyle from the comfort of your great room—and you won’t have to put on insect repellant.

Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started building the bug-free home of your dreams!

Incorporate your Patio into your School Routine to Ease the Transition
Friday, September 05 2014


As we prepare to return to school routines, we must think about how to ease the transition for our entire family. As we all understand the sorrows of saying goodbye to summer, it is important to make the shift back to school less trying. Here are some helpful tips to incorporate summer tendencies into your everyday lives, without tossing routine out the window:


§  As you reintroduce good reading and homework habits to your child, consider making a comfortable zone for them to work on their school work on the patio. The patio will provide less technological distractions for your child, and the warm sun will get their creative juices flowing. You can monitor your child’s homework progress through your beautiful Bi-Fold Patio Doors.

§  The most challenging back-to-school routine is waking up early and going to bed early. You can ease the process by serving breakfasts and dinners on your luxurious patio. Simply open your multi-slide patio doors, and let the fresh breeze take over your home while you dine outdoors. As the morning sun brightens each of your family member’s moods, waking up early will not feel as challenging.

§  If your child is especially sad about summer’s end, gather the necessary supplies to make a summer scrapbook and put her to work at it on the patio. Your children can collect all of their summer memories (ticket stubs from amusement parks or national parks, sea shells from the beach, photos with friends) in one book so that they can look at it whenever they are in need of some good summer vibes. Give them fresh outdoor space to complete their scrapbook, and you’re always within sight of them with your patio doors open to the crisp fall breezes.

§  It is important that you sit down with your entire family and set attainable goals for everyone, parents included. Have this conversation on your patio where your summer memories all began. The fresh air and beautiful sunlight will allow your children to feel confident in their annual goals.


AG Millworks products can be the backdrop for unforgettable memories with your family. Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started creating the home of your dreams!


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