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Zeroing In On The Perfect Design: Zero Corner Bi-Fold Patio Doors
Tuesday, November 24 2015

If you want to beautifully blend your indoor and outdoor spaces, turn to zero corner Bi-Fold patio doors.

We talk a lot about indoor outdoor living and we do it for a reason. There’s no better way to meld the beauty and freshness of the great outdoors with the comfort of your home than by mixing your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our Bi-Fold patio doors are the perfect answer and with our unique zero corner Bi-Fold Patio Doors you are free to open up not just one wall, but a whole corner of your home. When these glass doors are closed, you can still enjoy stunning views, but when they’re open you’ll be amazed how the boundary between indoors and outdoors is blurred.

This system is brilliantly designed with the weight of the doors fully supported from above. In this way, two Bi-Fold doors meet at a 90-degree angle at a corner of your home without a post to obstruct the view*.  Our highly engineered system makes it possible to easily fold the doors out of the way to open up your living space.

If you want to enjoy panoramic views and luxurious living, zero in on perfect design with zero corner Bi-Fold patio doors!


Want more information about how you can use zero corner Bi-Fold Patio Doors to bring the outdoors in, and vice versa? Simply click the Match Me With A Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed Bi-Fold, Lift and Slide and Multi-Slide Patio Doors are made of top quality materials. AG Millworks can help transform your home with Custom Patio Doors, Entry Doors, and Windows that allow you to fully enjoy elegant home design.

* Site-specific engineering by qualified professional is required.


Adding Interest to the Style of Your Home with Texture
Wednesday, November 18 2015

Use texture to enhance the décor without detracting for your vision. 

An easy and effective solution to spice up your home’s design without adding visual clutter: add texture. Here are a few ways you can use texture to add visual and tactile interest to your home, no matter what your décor theme!


Feminine: Soft, plush, downy-looking blankets and pillows can lend a gentle feel to a room. Floral embroidered fabrics are a great choice if you’re looking to add femininity. Choose overstuffed furniture with small, tasteful embellishments.


Masculine: Want to add more to a room without losing its masculine feel? Turn to metals – particularly burnished ones – and dark wood items. Leather is another great way to add a tactile focal point to a room and can be either classic or contemporary.


Modern: Modernism is all about clean lines. Mix it up and enhance the look by adding a shag rug, pillow or throw for a striking look against sleek furniture, smooth surfaces and taut leather.


Elegant: Want to give your home a luxurious, refined feel? Cut crystal is a great way to add depth to a room without adding too much color. Silks, cleanly polished woods and wools are other great options for adding texture in a sophisticated way.


Don’t forget your outside areas: Rocks, wood and textured cement elements can show off the greens and florals of your yard or garden. Opening up a wall of any room to the outside with lift and slide, multi-slide or Bi-Fold patio doors can give you a seamless view to natural outdoor elements.


Want to add more visual interest by melding glass, wood and metal in the perfect combination for your home’s décor? To learn how we can do that through Lift and Slide, Multi-Slide, or Bi-Fold Patio Doors, simply click the Match Me With A Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks can help transform your home with Custom Patio Doors, Entry Doors, and Windows that allow you to fully enjoy luxurious living.



Maximize Space & Luxury: Multi-Slide & Lift and Slide Patio Doors
Wednesday, November 11 2015

How to use multi-slide or lift and slide doors to make the most of indoor outdoor living.

You’ve probably already noticed that blending indoor and outdoor spaces is a luxury home trend that has only continued to heat up in the last year. If you’re hoping to achieve this style, you might be wondering how.

We can help! We offer a variety of beautiful custom patio doors that can help you maximize your space and enjoy indoor outdoor living. Our doors can either tuck into a pocket concealed in your wall or stack together, minimizing visual and spatial clutter while opening up your home.

What’s more, we can tailor doors to accent the architecture of your home and frame them to match your existing décor. Here are just a couple of your best patio door options.

Lift and Slide Doors

Leveraging European engineering, we’ve made it possible to slide massive doors with minimal effort. This makes it possible to open up an entire wall of your home with the simple turn of a handle. When you turn the door handle, your doors will lift onto wheels so you can easily glide them out of the way either into their concealed pocket or into a neat stack.

Multi-Slide Doors

Our multi-slide doors easily and beautifully glide past each other, and are the ideal solution for smaller outdoor spaces that don’t need a full lift and slide unit. We can tailor your multi-slides to maximize your space, either creating an in-wall pocket into which they can neatly tuck or utilizing a stacking system to push them off to one side.


If you’re looking to add Multi-Slide, Lift and Slide or Bi-Fold Patio Doors to your home, look no further. Simply click the Match Me With A Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks can help transform your home with Custom Patio Doors, Entry Doors and Windows that allow you to fully enjoy luxurious living.



Want the Perfect Place to Entertain and Catch the Big Game?
Wednesday, November 04 2015

Give your house a win with a great game room!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for sport fans. Football, basketball, and hockey season are all in full swing, offering you plenty of opportunities to root for your favorite team.

Do you have a good place to do that? If not, there’s no time like the present to convert a room in your house or your garage into a game room! Here are a few essentials to consider when creating the perfect game room.

1. The Space: To make sure you have enough room for all the fans, think about opening up the space to your covered patio or deck. Bi-Fold, lift and slide or multi-slide patio doors are perfect for maximizing space as they can open up an entire wall and stack neatly out of the way, allowing the party to flow onto your patio or deck.

2. The TV: Obviously, you’re going to want a great screen to broadcast your game. To feel like you’re watching the action live, pick a large screen HD TV that’s big enough for everyone to see or consider installing a projector and projecting your feed onto a white wall or drop-down screen.

3. The Seats:  Opt for ample, comfortable seating. It’s also a good idea to choose seating that can be moved around to accommodate more people. Place side tables close by for drinks and snacks.

4. The Décor: You know all those fan pennants, jerseys and team memorabilia you’ve been accumulating over the years? Your game room is the perfect place to showcase it all!


When it’s time for the big game, you’ll likely want to entertain in your game room. Fortunately, having the space to do that is easy with a

smart patio door system that makes it easy to open up your room to the outdoors!


For more information about how Lift and Slide, Multi-Slide or Bi-Fold Patio Doors can help you take your game room to the next level, simply click the Match Me With A Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks can help transform your home with Custom Patio Doors, Entry Doors, and Windows that allow you to fully enjoy luxurious living.


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