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Tips to Help Natural Light Reach Your Home
Tuesday, February 23 2016

Open Your Home and Outlook with Unique Windows, Bi-fold Patio or French Doors.

Research supports the positive effect of natural light on human health. Human beings, and all life for that matter, evolved with the sun and depend on it to function optimally. In architecture, natural light refers to the power of the sun illuminating the desired room to the visual standard of those within—usually by adding a wall of glass doors or large windows that allow those light waves to bounce throughout the space. Here are three tips to consider helping optimize natural light in your home:


- Opening a wall with Bi-fold windows, Bi-fold patio doors or Lift and Slide patio doors or adding large custom windows can be an effective way to illuminate the rooms in your home making them feel larger and more spacious.


- Positioning is important too. If you enjoy the sun’s kiss in the morning, then you might want to think about adding French Doors to you bedroom and make sure they are appropriately sized and face towards the east. Morning sun increases your serotonin and vitamin D levels that help give you that morning boost!


- Room accents, paint color and finishes can play a bigger role in the daylighting process than you may think.  Using mirrors to reflect light, paint colors to boost the glow and luminous accent finishes can allow for incoming natural light to bounce around the room maximizing it’s effects.


Installing the proper doors and windows is essential to satisfy your physical and aesthetic needs for natural lighting. For more information on how French Patio DoorsBi-fold Patio DoorsMulti-slide Patio Doors or Lift and Slide Patio Doors can enrich your home, simply click the Match Me With A Dealer button. All of our products at AG Millworks will help to transform your home to bring your vision to life!

Planning Your Outdoor Space - Bulbs to Plant Now for a Stunning Garden this Spring
Tuesday, February 16 2016

Spruce up your yard and let your garden radiate beauty by planting bulbs now for springtime blooms. Open your home to outdoors with stunning Bi-Fold or multi-slide patio doors and enjoy the view!

Have you always wanted to have a flower garden, but don’t know what to plant? Check out these charming bulbs to plant this month to be ready for springtime. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!

  1. Snowflakes. Blooms early March – These flowers resemble peaceful clouds floating in mid-air. At the end of each petal a little kiss of green decorates these delicate blooms.
  2. Grape Hyacinth. Blooms mid-March – Violet clusters of small grape-shaped pedals bloom from their stem. It’s not hard to see how they got the name grape hyacinth.
  3. Tinka Tulip. Blooms late March – Like something out of “The Wizard of Oz” these red and yellow flowers bring joy to any who take a glance. They look great with the grape hyacinths, and look best when planted en masse.
  4. Golden Dawn Daffodils. Blooms early April – One bulb will produce two or three blooms from its receptacle. Nature’s photograph of the sun: with yellow petals with a golden center, these are sure to make any garden the center of any block’s attention.
  5. Byzantine Gladiolus. Blooms late April – An almost fluorescent magenta seemingly glows from these sword-like petals. Their stalks are strong and form in large clumps.


Let your garden fill your home with a seamless transition from outdoors to indoors with beautiful Bi-Fold Patio Doors, Multi-Slide Patio Doors or Lift and Slide Patio Doors. Finding the right patio door to for your home is easy with help and great products from AG Millworks Simply use the Match Me With A Dealer button to help get your project off to the right start!


Product Highlight: Add Some Elegance to Your Home with French Patio Doors!
Tuesday, February 09 2016

French Patio Doors can update the look of your house in an instant.

Can you think of anything more charming than opening a set of French patio doors and letting a soft breeze flow through your house? Neither can we! Adding a set of French Patio Doors to your home can help create a classic, enchanting look.

As an alternative to traditional sliding doors, French patio doors open up fully to provide a larger opening to your outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy indoor outdoor living more seamlessly. Even when closed, they permit natural light to cascade into your home so you can enjoy the outdoors throughout the seasons.

Adding three or four sets of French patio doors along a long wall that is adjacent to your patio can help to open up the space and add an elegant look. French doors can also be the perfect option if you are looking to convert your garage and open it up to the outdoors by replacing the garage door.

If you are thinking that your only option is a “traditional” French door look, think again! Our French patio doors are custom made, allowing you to pick the style, size and materials that will enrich with the character of your home. Simulated or true divided lites, sidelites or a transom can be added to enhance the style. Quality security locks provide you with the protection that you need without compromising the design of the doors, too.


For more information on how French or Swing Patio Doors can add a touch of elegance to your home, simply click the Match Me With A Dealer button. All of our products at AG Millworks will help to transform your home to bring your vision to life!



Simple Home Cleaning and Organizing Tips
Tuesday, February 02 2016

These tips can get your house looking its best for 2016.

There is no better way to start the New Year than with a clean, organized home. To help get you on the right track, keep these home cleaning and organizing tips in mind.


Create a dedicated space for all your cleaning essentials. The area under the kitchen sink has long been the most common place to keep your cleaning products. Unfortunately, that can makes it difficult to stay organized and find what you need. Rolling storage or portable caddy options work perfectly for cleaning supply storage and can be easily moved to the area you are cleaning.


Buy the right products. When shopping for cleaning products buy ones that multi-task and have scents that you like. If a product is effective and you like the way it smells, you will be much more likely to use it and your whole home will feel more fresh and pleasant.


Wipe down your bathroom each night. Keep biodegradable, disposable wipes under your bathroom sink and give all surfaces a quick wipe down before you go to bed. Not only will it allow you to enjoy a clean bathroom every morning, but it will also ensure your bathroom is always fresh in case of an unexpected guest.


Make your bed every morning. Making the bed before you leave the house in the morning is not only a great start to the day, it’s one of the easiest ways to feel better about your home. Having a tidy bed will draw your eye away from other aspects of your home that you may have not had the time to clean or organize quite yet and give you neat, calm place to come home to at the end of your day.


Cleaning and organizing your home is a great start! And maybe it is also time for an update. How about opening up your home with Bi-Fold Patio DoorsLift and Slide Patio DoorsMulti-Slide Patio Doors or upgrading your entrance with a new beautiful custom Entry Door? Just contact AG Millworks or click the Match Me With A Certified Dealer button to find the perfect doors and windows to enhance your home.


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