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These Green Trends Are Shaping Home Building
Monday, May 30 2016

Homes are going green, and these trends are shaping eco-friendly home builds.

When building a new home in 2016, there’s a lot to consider that wasn’t a factor just a few decades ago. Specifically, faced with environmental issues across the planet, more and more home builders are working to create spaces that co-exist with – rather than negatively impact – the environment. These green trends are shaping home building.

Cut chemicals.

Homeowners want their homes to be healthy for the earth and for their own bodies. High-quality paints with zero (or close to zero) volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can help do exactly that. Not only do they not release harmful, smog-creating chemicals as they dry, they also don’t leach carbon-based, health-hazardous substances into the air families breathe.

Cut shipping.

Food isn’t the only thing people are buying locally. When builders choose locally sourced materials, they prevent the need to ship heavy loads, eliminating the pollution that transportation would otherwise create.

Cut waste.

An airtight home stays warmer or cooler, depending on what you need. This cuts energy waste (and your utility bills), so it’s a huge component of building green. On top of insulating walls, it’s also important to choose doors and windows that keep your home comfortable. Technology is also helping reduce energy waste, as programmable thermostats can ensure you’re not heating or cooling your home while you’re away.


Are you working to make your home as eco-friendly as possible? We can help! With our Bi-Fold Patio Doors, Lift And Slide Patio Doors, and Multi-Slide Patio Doors we can help you blend your home with its surrounding environment and minimize energy loss. Contact the professionals at AG Millworks by simply clicking the Request A Quote button, so we can help you create the most beautiful, green home possible!



How to Maximize your Entertainment Space
Wednesday, May 18 2016

If in the smallest of homes, you can still be the ultimate party host with these tips and tricks for when you throw your next get-together.

There’s a misconception out there: if you have a small place, it can be difficult to host parties (dinner or otherwise) because there just doesn’t seem like there will be enough room for everyone. If you organize your home in the right way and become efficient by using every inch that’s available, you’ll find that you can host an incredible bash in your humble abode!

Tips and Tricks to Entertain in a Small Home


Clean it up!


Get rid of the clutter and put non-essentials out of sight – stash it in closets, under your bed, or even at a neighbor’s (if they

don’t mind). Clean up the rest – your bathroom should be spotless, your furniture dust-free, and your floors vacuumed or

swept and mopped. A clean and un-cluttered space always looks and feels bigger and is more welcoming to your guests.


Create traffic flow and places to gather


Move furniture so there are clear walkways to avoid traffic congestion.  Organize “stations” for drinks, the main meal and

desserts and make sure these are centralized in different areas to give people places to congregate and connect. Make it

easy for guests to get what they need – keep cocktail essentials stocked at the bar, plates and flatware at the buffet, and

desserts at a separate table.


Make the Most of Every Available Inch of Space


In every small home, efficient use of space matters. In the kitchen, you will need to utilize all the counter space – clear counter

tops by putting small appliances and other items away in the cupboards. In the living room, clear the coffee table and place

side tables around the room for extra surface areas. Set out a few folding chairs or floor cushions to make sure everyone has a

comfortable place to sit.


Add Welcoming Ambiance


Put up decorative strands of twinkling lights to create a festive mood. Use your best tableware and linens and add small flower

arrangements throughout the rooms. Place chilled beverages in a large tub full of ice, have fun tunes playing in the

background, but most of all relax and enjoy time with your guests!


Create even more space for entertaining by open up your home with Bi-Fold patio doors, Lift and Slide Patio Doors, or Multi-Slide Patio Doors. AG Millworks can help transform any room of your home to allow you to fully enjoy luxurious indoor-outdoor living. Whether you’re looking for your ideal entry doors, Bi-Fold patio doors, lift and slide patio doors, or multi-slide patio doors for your home, we can meet your needs and your wants. Simply click the Match Me With A Dealer button to get started!




Three Tips on How You Can Choose and Work With a Contractor
Wednesday, May 11 2016

Follow these simple steps to choose the builder that’s right for you.

Can we build it? Yes, we can – assuming you have the contractor that’s right for you and your project! We’ve all heard about remodeling problems: spiraling budgets, half-finished projects and construction taking way longer than planned. These stories may seem like nightmares, but in reality you are likely hearing the worst of the worst. The vast majority of builders are competent, professional, and more than capable of amazing results and with a bit of due-diligence, you can find a contractor that will work well with you and your project.


Get Recommendations


Love the kitchen and patio addition your neighbors just had done? Find out who they worked with and see if they are suitable for your

project. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce or look online for services in your area on Houzz or Angie’s list where you can read

reviews and see the type of work the professionals specialize in.


Do You Need a Specialist or a General Contractor?


A general contractor is suitable for most jobs unless your project requires something special. Some custom projects such as installing large

patio doors or creating beautiful tile design require someone who specializes in these areas for optimum results.


Know what you want AND be open to suggestions…


You have a vision and your contractor can help bring it to fruition and he may have a more efficient way to get there.  Building and

construction are his specialty! He may be able to facilitate getting the blueprint plans drawn-up and assist in wading through the local

building code requirements and permit process. Use your builder’s knowledge, experience and expertise to your advantage.


One of the most important parts of taking on a remodeling project is choosing a quality craftsman that will match your vision and last for years to come. For help finding the perfect Bi-Fold Patio Doors, Lift and Slide Patio Doors, Multi-Slide Patio Doors or Entry Doors and beautiful Windows, Contact the professionals at AG Millworks. Simply use the Match Me With A Dealer button to help get your project off to a great start!




Spring is Here!
Tuesday, May 03 2016

Ideas to enjoy entertaining evenings on the patio.

Hanging out on the patio can be great fun, especially when the seasons begin to change. Gather friends and family and head outside with these great ideas to enjoy a spring evening on the patio.


Dine Alfresco


Add some spice by changing up the menu and prepare something out of the ordinary. Look for recipes online or from one of your favorite

cooking shows. Maybe try focaccia Reubens, steamed wild striped bass with ginger and scallions or grilled artichokes with green olive dip.

Delish! Create ambiance by stringing lights or adding candles.


Trivia Night


Trivia can be loads of fun, especially if you bring the game outdoors. There are many trivia games available on almost any topic: Star Wars,

Lord of the Rings, football, science, or just general trivia. Be sure to remember that it’s just a game and keep the competition friendly!


Craft Beer Tasting


Gather some like-minded friends and purchase a few craft beer varieties you’ve never tried before. Rate and compare these micro-brews

for appearance, smell, taste, and mouth-feel.  You may not be beer connoisseurs, but will enjoy the comradery of getting together and trying

something new.




Enjoy a relaxing (and even romantic) evening stargazing. If you live away from city lights you should be able to pick out constellations and

other celestial bodies on a clear night. Download a stargazing app to locate and learn more about the constellations.


Want to open up your home and truly enjoy indoor-outdoor living? Simply click the Match Me With A Dealer button to get started! Whether you’re looking for Bi-Fold Patio DoorsLift and Slide Patio Doors or Lift and Slide Patio Doors, with our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks can help transform your home.

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