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Bi-Folds vs Multi-Slides: Which Large Glass Patio Door is Right for You?
Thursday, March 28 2019

You may be planning a remodel soon and considering multiple large glass patio door options. If you are planning on creating an indoor-outdoor living space using Multi-Slide Patio Doors or Bi-Fold Patio Doors but are having trouble deciding between the two patio door styles, we have created a guide to help you determine which large glass patio door is perfect for you and your living space!

Is Your Home Ready for a Patio Upgrade?
Tuesday, March 26 2019

It is officially Spring, which means long, sun-filled days spent at the beach or lounging by the pool are just around the corner! Is your patio ready for all the outdoor gatherings that come with the warm weather, or is it time to give it a much-needed upgrade? If you start your patio remodel now, you can have it complete just in time for summer pool parties, barbecues, and bocce ball tournaments! We want to help you get your patio remodel started and completed with ease!

Thursday, March 21 2019

This Saturday, March 23rd is National Puppy Day! This is a day to celebrate the happiness and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives—and who doesn’t love puppies? In honor of this holiday, we have created a guide to make your home dog friendly and extra comfortable for your furry friends. Whether you already have a dog, or plan on adopting one, use this guide to create an environment that your dog will love! To learn more about how you can celebrate this holiday, visit the National Puppy Day Official Website.

One of the most important things your dog needs is a comfy, cozy bed to relax on when he’s just hanging out. When searching for the perfect dog bed, be sure to take the following into consideration: size, material, comfort level, color options, and durability. You’ll want to choose a bed that matches your interior design and has a removable cover that can be thrown in the washer for easy cleaning! has a high-quality dog bed with numerous color options. Investing in a durable, well-made dog bed for your pup is a great way to show your love. You should also consider investing in a second dog bed to keep outside on the patio for when your dog wants to relax, chill, and enjoy the outdoors.

A home improvement investment that both you and your dog will enjoy is a Bi-Fold Patio Door. A folding patio door might seem like a funny suggestion; however, your dogs will love the view and visibility that the large glass windows create. During long days spent at home while the family is out, dogs can sometimes become bored and lonely—with large glass patio doors, your dogs can find entertainment while looking out the window at squirrels and birds! Be sure dogs don’t scratch or chew on the patio doors, this could result in damage and destruction of your luxury patio doors. When choosing your custom patio door configuration, consider selecting a configuration featuring a daily door, giving you easy access to the backyard and allowing you to let your pup inside and out with ease.

An innovative gadget that will help create a puppy friendly space is the PetChatz Camera. PetChatz allows you to talk and video chat with your pet when you are away from home. If your pet is often left alone during the day, this is a great way to monitor them and comfort them when they’re feeling lonely. You can even give them treats using your PetChatz app! Visit the PetChatz website to learn more about the features and technology!

Another thing your pooch needs is a designated area for food and water. Some out-of-sight spots that you might want to consider for their food and water bowl are the laundry room, mudroom, or pantry.  Be sure that your dog’s water bowl is always full of fresh water! Keep plenty of food and treats on hand so you can spoil your furry friend once in a while.

You’ll want to make sure your pup has a large space to run around in. Dogs need daily exercise and having a grassy place to play is important for your dog’s overall health and happiness. Your yard should not have any poisonous flowers our plants. It should be free of any dangerous objects or chemicals that pups could get into. Plenty of toys and a spacious dog house could turn your backyard into a doggie oasis! To learn more about creating a dog-friendly yard, check out this blog.

To learn more about creating expansive views and open spaces with folding patio doors, visit our Bi-Fold Patio Door Product Page. Happy National Puppy Day!


Tuesday, March 19 2019

Now that you’ve begun your Spring cleaning, and your home is in tip-top shape, it’s time to give your outdoor spaces and patio some much-needed attention! Outside areas of the home are often neglected during regularly scheduled cleaning routines, so now is the perfect time to get your outdoor entertainment space ready for Spring and Summer.

If you start your patio cleaning now, it will be nice and clean and ready for Easter, and all the upcoming Spring and Summer events—which means you won’t be stressed out because you waited until the last minute to prepare your space for entertaining. Cleaning your backyard and patio can be intimidating, especially if you have a large space, but with this Spring patio cleaning guide, you will have a well-groomed and inviting outdoor space before you know it!


Start with the landscaping—have the lawn raked free of leaves and branches, weeds pulled, and lawn mown. Be sure flower beds are weed free and plant new flowers to fill in bare areas. Eliminate any dying plants or shrubs that can’t be revived to create a neat and groomed appearance. Don’t forget to pick ripe fruit from fruit trees before they fall and litter the ground. Clean any ponds or bird baths and if needed, refill with fresh water. This is an excellent time to test all sprinklers and drip lines to ensure everything is functional and there are no leaks. Front, back, and side yard landscaping should be tended to.


Your patio should be swept or blown free of dust and debris. All furniture should be washed with a damp cloth and mild soap to remove any stuck-on dirt. Remove cobwebs from up-high corners. Tidy up the spaces, placing any soccer balls, skateboards, and other toys back in their storage space. Groom any potted plants on the patio and add new pants to your collection!

Clean the exterior of your Folding Patio Doors to preserve their beauty and functionality (see blog: How to Clean Your Luxury Patio Doors)—don’t forget to clear out the weep holes (see video: How to Free Debris from Weep Holes) and vacuum the bottom track to remove dirt and debris to ensure smooth operation of your Bi-Fold Patio Doors. Don’t forget to clean the exterior of your Bi-Fold Kitchen Passthrough Window and the adjacent breakfast counter.

Make sure all outdoor lights are working and replace any burnt out light-bulbs. Remove patio seat cushions from storage and place back into their rightful chairs—wash cushion covers if needed. Check that all your bird feeders are operating, and refill with bird seed so you can bird watch on the patio while you finish your Spring patio cleaning project. Follow the same routine for the front porch, and any side patios or balconies so that no space is forgotten.


If the pool has been neglected during the chilly winter season, it is time to get it clean and maintained for the warm days ahead. Start your normal pool cleaning routine, or call your local pool professionals, to get it ready for the sunny season—be sure to check all pool equipment and filters for correct functioning. Be sure you clean the Folding Patio Doors in the pool house!


Consider having driveways or pathways pressure washed to clean hard-to-remove stains. Clear rain gutters of leaves. Have all windows washed so they look shiny and new! Wash the garage door to remove built up dirt and water stains. Replace any wobbly, rotting fence posts, and consider giving your picket fence a new coat of paint!

With a solid plan and determination, your outdoor entertainment space will be ready for Spring in no time! To learn more about using Folding Patio Doors to enhance your indoor-outdoor living space, visit our Bi-Fold Patio Door Product Page! If you’re interested in adding a Kitchen Passthrough Window to your patio design, visit our Bi-Fold Window Product Page!

Thursday, March 14 2019

March is halfway over, which means Spring is almost here! Now is the perfect time to get a jump start on your Spring cleaning. The thought of Spring cleaning can be daunting, but with a solid plan you can tackle this chore with ease! Continue reading for tips and ideas to make your Spring cleaning easy, organized, and fun!

Now is the time to deep clean every inch of your home. The best way to go about a deep home cleaning is by individually surveying every room and making a list of what each space needs. Usually the main living spaces are what require the most work—the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms are especially prone to accumulated dust, grime, and clutter because they are high traffic spaces! Here are some preliminary lists which you can customize and build upon:


Your usual kitchen cleaning should include basic floor mopping, sink, counter and stove cleaning, and dusting of open shelves/window sills. For your deep Spring clean, you should scrub all appliance surfaces like your dishwasher, refrigerator, ovens, microwave, trash compactor, etc. Remove everything from the fridge and wash drawers, shelves, and fridge walls. All cabinetry should be cleaned of oils and grime that build up from regular cooking. Empty out drawers and cabinets and wipe down the insides with mild soap and water. This is also a chance for you to organize drawers and cupboards and get rid of old Tupperware, cookware, tableware, and utensils that you no longer use. Don’t forget to clean the glass and interior wood of your Bi-Fold Kitchen Passthrough Window.


Along with your regular living room cleaning routine, you should move all furniture and vacuum/mop underneath. Remove curtains and wash to eliminate dust and cobwebs. Vacuum underneath couch cushions and wash any removable pillow covers and throw blankets. Sanitize TV remotes with antibacterial wipes—you’d be surprised at how much dirt will appear on your wipes. Organize any bookshelves or storage spaces in the living room and get rid of unneeded items. Don’t neglect your Folding Patio Doors during spring cleaning!


In the bathrooms, in addition to normal cleaning, you should wash all bath towels, including spare towels in the cabinet. If your towel sets are beginning to show signs of wear, consider investing in a new set. Cabinetry should be washed with mild soap and water and other surfaces cleaned thoroughly. Organize any drawers, baskets, cupboards, and medicine cabinets and dispose of old or expired products. Wash any shower curtains and replace shower liners if needed.

These suggestions should give you a starting point for mapping out your Spring cleaning. You can make the list unique to your home by adding additional tasks that you think of when surveying each room. This is also the perfect time to organize closets, garages, and attics to eliminate clutter from your life. As Marie Kondo says: “Keep only those things that speak to your heart.”


Bedrooms can usually be saved for last, and don’t require too much more than the usual maintenance. Move furniture to clean and dust those hard to reach spots. Dust and vacuum edges of mattress and box frames. Use a damp clothe to clean bedroom furniture and window sills. Wash all curtains and linens. Use this time to organize wardrobes and get rid of old, ill-fitting clothes and shoes. Make sure you clean the Bi-Fold Patio Doors in your bedroom to preserve their quality and functionality.

If you’re waiting for tips on how to clean and organize your patio and backyard for Spring, tune in to the blog next Tuesday for a complete “Spring Cleaning for Patios” guide!

To learn more about how you can safely clean your AG Millworks Bi-Fold Patio Doors and Windows, click here.

Tuesday, March 12 2019

Today, March 12th is National Plant a Flower Day! Each year on this day, people across the nation celebrate this fun holiday by planting a flower and getting ready for the Spring season. This day reminds us that Spring is just around the corner, which means beautiful flower blooms, warmer weather, and Easter are almost here. Keep reading for ideas on how you can celebrate this holiday and turn it into a fun gardening day for the whole family!

When shopping for flowers or seeds to plant, be sure you are aware of what type of plant you are getting. Some flowers and plants are poisonous and unsafe for small children and animals. Consider the climate you are in and choose plants that will thrive in that climate. Some plants require more maintenance than others, so be aware of the maintenance required when choosing what to plant! Aside from flowers, you will need a few basic supplies to plant your flowers: trowels, small garden rakes, and potting soil. You might also want to consider some gardening gloves, sun hats, padded knee boards, drinking water, and snacks to make the planting more comfortable and enjoyable!

You can use this holiday as a way to give back to your community—get a group together and plant some flowers at the local park, church, or community center. This is the perfect way to spread the word about National Plant a Flower Day while also beautifying your community and bonding with friends and family. You may consider reaching out to your elderly neighbor and asking if you can plant some flowers for him or her—this is a nice way to support your neighbors and planting beautiful flowers in their garden could brighten their day.

Don’t forget to include your kids in the fun! This is a great teaching moment—you can teach your children how to properly plant flowers and the importance of supporting neighbors and your community. Once they see how fun gardening can be, they will look forward to this day every year.

You can also use this day to prepare for spring and plant some flowers at home. Spruce up your curb appeal and plant some colorful flower beds out front. Open your Bi-Fold Patio Doors and add some greenery and plants to the backyard. If your yard lacks extra space for flower beds, you can use pots and planters to plant some flowers on the patio! If you place flower pots near your folding patio doors, be sure to take caution when you are watering so water isn’t splashed on the luxury patio doors.

If you think your backyard needs more than a few flowers to jazz it up, consider using this as an excuse to plan a full-blown remodel of your outdoor space! You can create the backyard of your dreams by re-landscaping the yard and redesigning the patio. Use Bi-Fold Patio Doors to create an indoor-outdoor living space that you can enjoy year-round! To learn more about creating a seamless transition from inside to outside using folding patio doors, click here.

Happy Planting!

Thursday, March 07 2019

Daylight Saving Time is almost here; are you ready to change your clocks? This Sunday, Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 AM. Clocks jump an hour forward, allowing us to enjoy more daylight and making days feel longer. Many people believe we should completely eliminate Daylight Saving Time, but how could you be opposed to extra daylight during the Spring and Summer months? So what does daylight saving time mean for you, and how can you make the most of it? Continue reading to find out ways you can benefit from this annual time change!

1 | Family Time

When you get home from a long day at work and it’s already dark outside, it can be difficult to get the whole family to forgo their iPads, TVs, and smartphones and spend time together. With more daylight, you will be able to spend more time with family by getting away from the distractions inside the home and going for a walk, bike ride, or to the park where you can enjoy quality time with each other. Daylight Saving Time is the perfect opportunity to open your Bi-Fold Patio Doors and begin having weekly family dinners outside on the patio to enjoy the extra sunshine!

2 | Be Happier

It’s proven that sunlight is a mood booster because it increases levels of serotonin, which helps promote feelings of happiness. With most of your time spent working indoors, it can be difficult to soak up some sun before it goes down, but once the time changes, you’ll be able to get your daily dose of sunshine after work! It’s recommended that you get 10-15 minutes of direct sunlight per day.

3 | Connect with Nature

With extra daylight, this is your chance to spend more time enjoying nature. You can go for an afterwork hike, a walk on the beach, or a bike ride. Enjoying the peacefulness of nature can be relaxing and refreshing. Whenever you get the chance, be sure to open your folding patio doors to connect your home to the outdoors and enjoy the song birds, fresh air, and extra sunlight!

4 | Be Motivated & Productive

More daylight hours make the day feel longer—this might make you feel more motivated to tackle a project or two that you’ve been wanting to complete. You’ll have a greater sense of motivation and productivity, so use it to your advantage! Use the additional daylight to start planning your window and patio door replacement project! Get in touch with an AG Millworks Patio Door Dealer near you to pick out your favorite Bi-Fold Patio Door Design design and get the ball rolling on this remodel project.

5 | Get Better Sleep

Getting plenty of sunlight can make you sleep better because increased exposure to sunlight can boost your body’s production of melatonin—the hormone responsible for making you feel sleepy. With extra sunlight, you’ll be able to get the sun exposure you need to contribute to better quality sleep!

6 | Exercise

An extra hour of daylight might make it easier for you to find time to exercise. The increased motivation you’ll be feeling, along with the extended daylight might make it more convenient for you to go for a jog around the block or open your Bi-Fold Patio Doors and do some yoga or at-home work outs outside on the patio.

Daylight Saving Time has many benefits and can have a great affect on your overall health and happiness. Enjoy the sunshine! To learn more about creating a sun-drenched indoor-outdoor living space with folding patio doors, click here.

Tuesday, March 05 2019

A custom four-bedroom, three bathroom Spanish style new build in Santa Barbara, California, uses AG Bi-Fold Patio Doors and French Swing Patio Doors to extend their living space to the outdoor balconies and patios.

The builder wanted to remain traditional with the Spanish style architecture that Santa Barbara is known for but incorporate modern luxuries to create a resort-style living experience. White stucco, red tile roofing, and a natural wood trim and pergola are the elements that give this home some character and Spanish flare. The front courtyard featuring a fire pit and outdoor seating, and the expansive verandas on the upper and lower levels are additional architectural elements representative of Spanish design.

The kitchen is located on the upper level and features exposed wood beams, a beautiful waterfall island with bar seating, and luxurious wood cabinets. The AG Bi-Fold Patio Doors create a connection between the kitchen and outdoor dining space on the veranda. The wood interior of the Bi-Fold Doors was stained to match the other wood elements inside the home. Large glass patio doors allow an abundance of natural light to illuminate the kitchen and allow plenty of fresh air to flow through the space.

The outdoor dining space is perfect for entertaining, with easy interior access through the folding patio doors. With such a large balcony, additional outdoor furniture will fit to create an entire outdoor living room! Four pairs of French Swing Patio Doors line the remainder of the veranda and create a seamless transition from living and dining room to outdoor balcony.

The floorplan is spacious, open, and airy with major indoor-outdoor living vibes created by the four French Door systems. Unique light fixtures give the spaces a modern touch and help to create separation between dining and living areas. The wood floors, exposed beams, and interior wood of the French Doors add warmth and create a beautiful contrast with the bright white paint on the walls and ceilings.

A second AG Bi-Fold Patio Door in the master bedroom creates a seamless transition between bedroom and outdoor patio area. The folding patio doors provide an expansive view of the surrounding nature and create access to the quiet outdoor space. The builder wanted the home to be well-connected to the outdoors because the home is surrounded by large oak trees, shrubbery, and flowers. The stone patio on the lower-level expands across the rear of the home and can also be accessed via the guest bedrooms.

The spacious and private downstairs guest bedrooms enjoy their own French Doors to increase light and create expansive views. A Jack and Jill bathroom sits between the two guestrooms and features luxurious marble countertops and a marble shower.

The builders were incredibly happy with how the home turned out and put the home on the market. They are confident that the future homeowners will fall in love with the home because of the indoor-outdoor living it offers. As the house is shown to many potential homebuyers and open-house goers, there is one common thought between visitors: the Bi-Fold Patio Doors make the space—their quality, uniqueness, and curb appeal are impressive and like no other.

To learn more about creating indoor-outdoor living spaces with Bi-Fold Patio doors, click here.

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