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Bi-Fold Patio Doors | Folding Patio Doors

Fold walls open with AG Millworks Bi-fold Doors and change your view of the world. Narrow site lines are available for maximum light, and if you want to go super-big, we make bi-folds with individual door panels as large as 4 feet wide and 13 feet tall. Made in the USA, our doors are energy-efficient and fully customizable with flat panels, divided lites and lock rails. Exquisite wood surfaces on the interior provide warm, luxurious design details. Thick extruded aluminum exteriors with durable baked-on Kynar paint in any imaginable color completes the picture. Bi-Fold Doors are also available with wood exteriors (limited warranty). Expand your world view with AG Millworks Bi-Fold Doors. 

Title 24 Compliant

Title 24, a component of the California Code of Regulations, establishes guidelines for building energy efficiency. Its objectives include lowering energy consumption, cutting utility expenses, safeguarding the environment, and mitigating climate effects. The standards outlined in Title 24 assess the energy efficiency of buildings comprehensively, covering various elements such as windows, doors, lighting, appliances, and electrical and mechanical systems. The California Energy Commission (CEC) oversees the adoption, implementation, and revision of energy efficiency requirements outlined in Title 24. Local municipal and county bodies are tasked with ensuring adherence to these standards through verification and enforcement measures.

The California Energy Commission periodically revises the energy standards to accommodate the evaluation and potential integration of emerging energy-efficient technologies and methodologies. Our AG Millworks Door and Window Systems have consistently met or surpassed each revision of the California energy-efficient standards. 

Product Features


  • Custom Sizes at No Additional Cost
  • Big daylight panels | up to 4' w & 13' h
  • Aluminum Clad/Wood
  • All Wood
  • Slimline stiles and rails
  • Euro stiles and rails
  • Traditional stiles and rails
  • Transoms above Bi-Folds
  • Multiple hardware options
  • Multi-point lock system
  • Use any AG Bi-Fold Sill
  • Various glass options
  • Optional divided lites
  • Optional retractable screen system
Style Options
Zero Corner Bi-Fold Doors

AG Millworks’s Zero-Corner Bi-fold Doors can turn any dark corner into a light-filled entertainment space and provide a wide open, panoramic view with no supporting post at the corner.

Window-Door Combinations

AG Millworks’s Window-Door Combinations consist of bi-fold doors and bi-fold windows which connect at the center, and transform an ordinary space into an indoor-outdoor paradise.

Passthrough Windows

AG Millworks’s Bi-Fold Windows create a foldaway “passthrough” window which connects kitchen to patio, creating an additional dining area and enhancing your entertainment space.

Bi-Fold & Transom Combo

AG Millworks builds beautiful, high-quality custom Transom x Bi-Fold Combinations without risk of deflection! We build transoms to match the ones already in your home!

Stile and Rail Profiles
SLIMLINE | ultra-modern

SLIMLINE | ultra-modern: 2-1/2” Stiles & Rails with 3-7/16” Lock Stile

Energy Performance | Clad/Wood: U-factor = .29     SHGC=.21

EURO | contemporary

EURO | contemporary: 3-7/16” Stiles & Rails

Energy Performance | Clad/Wood with LoE366/Argon IG (Dual Glaze) : U-factor = .30     SHGC = .19
Energy Performance | All Wood with LoE366/Argon IG (Dual Glaze) : U-factor = .28     SHGC = .19
Energy Performance | Accoya Wood  with LoE366/Argon IG (Dual Glaze) : U-factor = .27     SHGC = .19


TRADITIONAL | classic: 4-3/4” Top Rail/Stiles with 7” Bottom Rail option

Energy Performance | Clad/Wood with LoE366/Argon IG (Dual Glaze) : U-factor = .31*
Energy Performance | All Wood with LoE366/Argon IG (Dual Glaze) : U-factor = .28
Energy Performance | Accoya Wood  with LoE366/Argon IG (Dual Glaze) : U-factor = .27
*Add i89 coating to meet CA Title 24 Compliant Energy Performance

Standard Colors
Standard Colors

When exposure to sun and rain is an issue, opt for Aluminum Clad/Wood Patio Doors. We combine a sleek, tough, low maintenance exterior of 1/16" thick extruded aluminum with a rich, warm, all-wood interior to give you the best of both worlds. AG offers 5 standard clad color options. Clad exteriors are painted with 70% kynar 500 and meets a 2605.

Custom Colors

We’ll match any manufacturer’s exterior clad color to ensure a consistent look between our products and theirs.

Sill Options
Raised Aluminum Sill

Bi-Fold Systems come standard with our raised aluminum sill and are extremely weather-tight.


*Appropriate for extremely low-exposure environments only; no warranty for water penetration with this option.

Ultra Guide Track System

Bi-Folds are also available with a flush track system we call the Ultra Guide®, for the smoothest transition possible between indoors and outdoors.



*Recommended for low- or no-exposure environments only. No warranty for water penetration.

ADA-Compliant Ultra GuideĀ® Track System

Only AG Millworks offers a low-profile Bi-Fold track system that is ADA compliant and suitable for commercial and residential Bi-Fold Door openings! This sleek, narrow track system provides minimally visible components, a clean groove for the shoot bolts to lock into, and overlapping lips conceal any rough edges on the groove in the finished floor. 

*Recommended for low- or no-exposure environments only. No warranty for water penetration.

Handle Sets

Stunning Bi-Fold Doors deserve stunning hardware. We offer an array of styles and finishes, from traditional to modern, tasteful and refined to complement any decor. Well designed for ease of use with durable craftsmanship for long lasting quality. Download a Bi-Fold Hardware Brochure.


Resista Finish Available in Satin Nickel


Resista Finish Available in Satin Nickel

Retractable Screens for Folding Doors

Pair your Bi-Fold Doors with an innovative and functional retractable accordion screen. This is the perfect solution to screening large openings to protect your home from insects and other unwanted elements. With a span up to 32' wide* by 10'6" high, the versatile pleated screen is your answer to deter bugs while preserving the indoor-outdoor feeling! 

Your optional retractable accordion screen is factory installed and integrated into the jamb, saving you time and money on installation.

*32' width obtainable by two 16' screens meeting in the middle

Colors Available:


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