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AG Millworks
Retractable Accordion Screens

AG Millworks brings you and your family bug-free living! Our retractable accordion screen system protects openings up to 32 feet wide and 10 1/2 feet tall from pesky insects! Best of all, our screen is fully integrated in the interior side of the frame and the pleated screen mesh compresses almost completely out of view when not in use. We can even pocket your screen to make it disappear into the wall. This innovative screen system is available on any AG Millworks door system including Bi-Fold Doors, Bi-Fold Passthrough Windows, Multi-Slide Doors, Lift and Slide Doors and French Swing Doors. Vertical pull bars are available in black or white.

Seamless Operation

Retractable accordion screens are easy to operate and slide open and closed seamlessly. When in use, the screen expands and covers the entire opening. Crafted from high-quality mesh, these screens safeguard your home while maintaining a clear view of the outdoors. When fully closed, they retract discreetly into a slim compartment along the door frame, virtually imperceptible. If you would rather your screen system be completely out of sight, you can choose to have it pocketed inside the door jamb. When screens are pocketed, everything is perfectly tucked away out of view, but the screen’s pull handle is easily accessed at the pocket’s edge.

Dream Big

Retractable accordion screens can accommodate openings up to 32 feet wide and 10 feet 6 inches tall. This expansive width is achieved by combining two 16-foot screens that converge at the center. Even for smaller openings, you have the option to opt for this symmetrical appearance.


Retractable accordion screens can be paired with any door or window system, as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum dimensions of 32’ wide and 10’6” tall. Accordion screens are compatible with single French swing doors, double French swing doors, bi-fold doors, multi-slide doors, and lift and slide doors.


AG Millworks is the only manufacturer that installs your retractable accordion screen in the factory. Screens are fully integrated into your door jamb by expert installers, eliminating the possibility of erroneous installation and guaranteeing a perfectly functioning screen system. Screen installation is complicated and requires precision, so contractors and door installers prefer the AG Millworks built-in screen option to ensure speed and accuracy when installing your door system.


Accordion screens are low maintenance. The screen track should be kept free of debris and the mesh should be dusted to remove dirt and dust build-up. You can easily clean the track with a low-suction vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Please see our Door Care Guide for full screen maintenance information.


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