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Tuesday, August 14 2018


Is it that time of year again already? Time to stock up on pencils, glue sticks, and notebooks because in just a few short weeks, your kiddos will be packing their backpacks, climbing on the bus, and beginning another school year. Heading back to school after a long, fun-filled summer can be a challenge for both you and your kids but we have some tips to make the transition back into the school routine a little easier on everyone!


The best thing you can do is to begin the transition a few weeks before school starts. No more late nights and irregular bed times—the kids should get back to a regular sleep schedule, so they are prepared and well-rested when the early mornings start. Take them back to school shopping and let them pick out some fun school supplies so they get excited to get back into school mode and use their fresh supplies!


Plan out meals for the week so you know exactly what ingredients you need, and you won’t have to make multiple trips to the grocery store throughout the week. Pack lunches the evening before to save time in the morning, so you won’t be stressing out and running late trying to throw a lunch together for your kids. Choose only healthy and nutritious foods to prepare meals with—it will give everyone more energy to make it through the school/work day, after school activities, and homework! Eating Well has plenty of healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that kids will love!


Designate a spot at home where kids can sit down and focus to get their homework done in a timely manner. We love the idea of opening our Bi-Fold Patio Doors and setting kids up on the patio to complete their reading and homework. The weather is still beautiful, and they get to enjoy indoor-outdoor living while doing something that’s not-so-fun. It helps them to focus and not feel trapped at a desk—they’ve been sitting at a desk at school for 7 hours, give them a break! With no distractions like video games, tablets, phones, etc. on the patio, kids can breeze through their homework and have more time for fun activities and family time.


Opening your sliding glass patio doors and throwing a back to school party in the backyard is a great way to cure the end-of-summer blues and get kids excited for the new school year. Have fun games, tasty food, and give goodie bags with a few school supplies to celebrate the beginning of the school year. Excite your children by talking about how fun this year will be, all the new friends they will make, and all the new things they will learn!


Schedule some family time the evening following the first day of school. Take the kids out to their favorite restaurant and let them order anything they want as a special treat for conquering the first day of school! Head home and spend time together playing games and hanging out, discussing their first day back. As the school year goes on and schedules become jam-packed, continue to have routine family time to stay updated on what’s going on at school and to bond with each other. Your kids are only young for a short time and childhood flies by, so cherish every moment!

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