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The following instructions are intended for the use of homeowners in caring for all AG Millworks solid wood products, and are required to maintain warranty protection for all products.

REGULAR MAINTANENCE Wood doors and window products require regular maintenance and treatment to remain in good condition and appearance. The integrity of the finish must be maintained to insure continued protection of the wood and warranty protection. On a regular basis (ideally once per month), wipe down all wood surfaces inside and outside with a clean DAMP (not wet) cloth. This will remove airborne dust, dirt and pollution particles, which can scratch, damage and embed in the finish, leaving a dull and dirty appearance. Treat wood windows and doors as you would a fine piece of furniture, and never use caustic or abrasive cleaners.

NEVER direct a Garden Hose at wood doors, sidelites, windows or sliders. NEVER allow Sprinklers to wet wood doors, sidelites, windows or sliders.

Immediately wipe dry any water that contacts wood products during porch cleaning, etc., including the top and bottom edges of doors or sashes, where water absorption is most likely to occur. Wood products are NOT designed to be exposed directly to water. The first maintenance check should be made six months after the installation and finish of your wood products, and every six months thereafter. Inspect every surface for cracks in the finish surface, or bare spots where finish may have rubbed off. Cracks in the finish will allow moisture to enter the wood, resulting in cracks, splits and warping in the product. 

The finish will have a longer life and will require less maintenance if products are not exposed regularly to direct sunlight. As needed, sand lightly all surfaces with 320 grit sandpaper or 0000 steel wool to remove embedded dirt particles. Next, wipe down all surfaces with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth. Apply to all surfaces one coat of exterior grade topcoat and allow to dry per product instructions. During these six-month checks, always be sure to look at the top and bottom edges of doors and window sashes. It is imperative that these critical edges be fully protected with topcoats that are free from cracks or scrapes in the surface of the clear finish. The same is true of painted surfaces.

NOTE: Please keep this guide with your limited product warranty. These procedures must be followed to maintain warranty protection for your AG Millworks wood products.



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