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Thursday, October 04 2018


October is here, and the leaves are beginning to change color. There is a familiar crispness in the air that comes with the change of the season. When the weather cools down, it can be difficult to maintain the routine you’ve been in all summer. When it’s chilly and overcast outside, you and the family may feel unmotivated to leave the coziness of your home and spend time being active. Some lazy, lounging around the house time isn’t a bad thing, but it’s important to keep yourself and the kids active this fall.


An easy way to keep your kids active this fall is by enrolling them in their favorite sports or letting them try out a new one! You should encourage your kids to try out new sports, so they can see which sport they really love—having passion for a sport will make your kids more likely to stick with it throughout childhood and even into high school. An organized sports league is the perfect solution to keeping your kids active on a regular basis because there will be practices throughout the week and designated game days on the weekends!


Extra chilly days can be daunting but scheduling some physical activity doesn’t mean freezing your butt off! On those days you’d rather stay out of the cold, there are many fun indoor activities that will get your kids active and engaged. An indoor swimming pool is a great place to spend a few hours and your kids will love splashing around a heated pool that’s protected from the outdoor elements. You may also want to research children’s gyms in your area where kids can run, jump, swing, and tumble around—releasing tons of energy and getting in a good workout!


You don’t have to leave the house for your kids to get some physical activity. Fold open your Bi-Fold Patio Doors and head for the backyard. Kick or throw a ball around, play tag, or teach your kids how to play hopscotch or jump rope. This will be a nice unwinding time for your kids to release extra energy and bond with you. Just 30 minutes spent playing outside can be beneficial to your child’s growth and development.



Round up the family and take the dog for a nice long walk around the neighborhood. This is a great and easy way to spend time together and get a little exercise. Your dog should be walked almost every day, so turning this into a daily routine will keep everyone healthy and happy! On some days, you can switch it up and turn it into a family bike ride! Ride bikes to the local dog park and let your furry friend run around—don’t forget to take a ball or frisbee so you can play fetch.

As the weather gets cooler and outdoor activities continue, be sure to bundle your kids up properly so they can enjoy their time playing without getting too cold. You can pick up warm sports gear at your local sporting goods store for those early morning soccer games and late evening football games.

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