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Thursday, March 07 2019


Daylight Saving Time is almost here; are you ready to change your clocks? This Sunday, Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 AM. Clocks jump an hour forward, allowing us to enjoy more daylight and making days feel longer. Many people believe we should completely eliminate Daylight Saving Time, but how could you be opposed to extra daylight during the Spring and Summer months? So what does daylight saving time mean for you, and how can you make the most of it? Continue reading to find out ways you can benefit from this annual time change!

1 | Family Time

When you get home from a long day at work and it’s already dark outside, it can be difficult to get the whole family to forgo their iPads, TVs, and smartphones and spend time together. With more daylight, you will be able to spend more time with family by getting away from the distractions inside the home and going for a walk, bike ride, or to the park where you can enjoy quality time with each other. Daylight Saving Time is the perfect opportunity to open your Bi-Fold Patio Doors and begin having weekly family dinners outside on the patio to enjoy the extra sunshine!

2 | Be Happier

It’s proven that sunlight is a mood booster because it increases levels of serotonin, which helps promote feelings of happiness. With most of your time spent working indoors, it can be difficult to soak up some sun before it goes down, but once the time changes, you’ll be able to get your daily dose of sunshine after work! It’s recommended that you get 10-15 minutes of direct sunlight per day.

3 | Connect with Nature

With extra daylight, this is your chance to spend more time enjoying nature. You can go for an afterwork hike, a walk on the beach, or a bike ride. Enjoying the peacefulness of nature can be relaxing and refreshing. Whenever you get the chance, be sure to open your folding patio doors to connect your home to the outdoors and enjoy the song birds, fresh air, and extra sunlight!

4 | Be Motivated & Productive

More daylight hours make the day feel longer—this might make you feel more motivated to tackle a project or two that you’ve been wanting to complete. You’ll have a greater sense of motivation and productivity, so use it to your advantage! Use the additional daylight to start planning your window and patio door replacement project! Get in touch with an AG Millworks Patio Door Dealer near you to pick out your favorite Bi-Fold Patio Door Design design and get the ball rolling on this remodel project.

5 | Get Better Sleep

Getting plenty of sunlight can make you sleep better because increased exposure to sunlight can boost your body’s production of melatonin—the hormone responsible for making you feel sleepy. With extra sunlight, you’ll be able to get the sun exposure you need to contribute to better quality sleep!

6 | Exercise

An extra hour of daylight might make it easier for you to find time to exercise. The increased motivation you’ll be feeling, along with the extended daylight might make it more convenient for you to go for a jog around the block or open your Bi-Fold Patio Doors and do some yoga or at-home work outs outside on the patio.

Daylight Saving Time has many benefits and can have a great affect on your overall health and happiness. Enjoy the sunshine! To learn more about creating a sun-drenched indoor-outdoor living space with folding patio doors, click here.

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