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Tuesday, August 06 2019

August has arrived, which means there’s only a few more weeks left of summer vacation before a new school year begins. Getting yourself and the kids back into a schooltime routine takes time, which is why the beginning of August is the perfect time to ease back into your regular schedule. Below are a few ways you can help make this an easy and smooth transition for you and your family.


Get Back on a Normal Sleep Schedule

Now is the time to get back into a regular sleeping schedule to make the early weekday mornings a little easier to handle. Set a bedtime for the kids and try to have everyone up and awake at a decent hour—no more long movie nights or sleeping in until late morning. The first few days will be a little difficult, but soon everyone will be adjusted to the schedule. Doing fun activities like hiking, biking, or swimming will tire the kids out and help them crash at an early hour and make the early bedtime less of a struggle.

Beat the Crowds at Back to School Shopping

Don’t wait until the last minute to go school supply shopping. The crowds will be large, and the shelves will be bare. The best time to hit Target for all the essentials is in the morning on a weekday—there will be less people and you can beat the afternoon shoppers. Make a list before you go so you can check things off your list and get in and out in record timing.

Donate Old Clothes

To make room for new back to school clothing, clean out closets and drawers and donate any old items that no longer fit. Kids grow fast and stuff that may have fit them a few months ago might be too small or short now (or maybe now your kids think their once-favorite unicorn shirt is too childish for their fifth-grade self).

Plan Your Weeknight Dinners

To fully prepare for the school year ahead, you can start planning weeknight dinners a few weeks in advance. Having a dinner schedule will allow you to get everything you need in one trip to the grocery store and prevent you from last-minute, quick dinner options that might not be as healthy as a homecooked meal. Sometimes thinking of meals and recipes is hard, but meal planning and recipe app, Yummly, will help you find tasty recipes, schedule meals on your calendar, choose how many servings you need, add ingredients to your shopping list (which is organized by grocery aisle), and provides all nutrition facts for each meal!

Create an Activity Calendar

A great way to keep weekly activities organized and keep up with soccer practice, dance class, or dentist appointments is by creating an activity calendar/chart. The calendar will provide a perfect view of the activities or appointments in the current month and will act as a reminder for the whole family. It’s also a great tool for the kids to reference when they have questions about baseball games or birthday parties, and it will teach them about organization and planning. You can use an oversized desk calendar for this purpose and hang it in the mudroom for all to see.

Refresh the Homework Nook

Organize the desk or homework nook and recycle old papers and supplies. Prepare the space with fresh supplies and add new motivational artwork that will help your little learners to power through their nightly homework routine. 

Spend Extra Time Outside While There's Still Time

Be sure to continue to spend time outdoors enjoying the warm weather while it lasts. Open your large folding door system and have playtime in the backyard, swim in the pool, and serve dinner on the patio. When school begins, you can set your kids up outside to do their homework and have their scheduled reading time. The fresh air will help them focus and allow them to spend a little time outdoors since they’ve been cooped up inside at school all day.

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