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Tuesday, January 08 2019

If you keep up with the latest home design trends, you know that indoor-outdoor kitchens are highly desired among homeowners and prospective homebuyers. Architects and designers are seeing a spike in indoor-outdoor living space designs, and that open-air design has reached the kitchen! There are many ways to create an indoor-outdoor kitchen in your home, so you can enjoy an al fresco experience every time you cook a meal or do the dishes!

Folding Glass Walls Open Kitchens to the Outdoors

Bi-Fold Patio Doors can open kitchens to the outdoors by simply folding the doors away, leaving a large open space behind. Folding doors create an al fresco cooking experience with plenty of airflow, natural light, and unobstructed views. The transition from inside to out is seamless, and perfect for indoor-outdoor entertaining. With the application above, the kitchen and bar seating enjoy an indoor-outdoor lifestyle while expanding the space to an additional dining area on the large, expansive balcony! Your door may also be equipped with a retractable accordion screen to protect your home from insects while maximizing airflow.

Investing in a large folding glass door? Don't make these common mistakes.


Folding Glass Windows Create a Kitchen Passthrough

Another way to create an indoor-outdoor kitchen is by installing a Bi-Fold Window to create a kitchen passthrough window! Passthrough windows are perfect if creating a larger opening with Bi-Fold Doors is not possible or desired in the space. A passthrough window connects kitchen to outdoor patio—a typical passthrough window design provides additional dining space in the form of an outdoor breakfast bar. With the servery window seen above, appetizers, meals, beverages, and snacks can be passed from inside to outside with ease! It creates the ultimate entertainment space with the possibility of use as a buffet table or cocktail bar.


Folding Window-Door Combinations Make Walls Disappear

A Bi-Fold Window-Door Combination is a unique and interesting way you can create an indoor-outdoor kitchen in your home. The Window-Door Combination consists of Bi-Fold Doors and Bi-Fold Windows which connect at the center and transform an ordinary space into an indoor-outdoor paradise! On this window-door system, the window locks to the counter and head jamb, and the door and window lock together without additional framing to impede the view. With a Bi-Fold Window-Door Combination, you can still enjoy the luxury of a kitchen passthrough window and breakfast bar dining counter!

Corner Bi-Fold Doors Create Indoor-Outdoor Living

When you want to open multiple walls to the outdoors, opt for a Zero-Corner Bi-Fold System—this unit opens at a 90-degree angle and does not require a supporting post at the corner, leaving you with unobstructed views of the surrounds. To meet design needs, Zero-Corner Bi-Folds may also be inverted! This is the perfect solution to creating an indoor-outdoor kitchen and dining experience in a narrow space. With such a unique and tasteful style, the Zero-Corner Bi-Fold will take your home design to the next level!

Be sure to do your research and consult an architect or contractor before deciding on a design. Professionals can help you find out which design will enhance your space and create the indoor-outdoor kitchen and dining experience you desire! With numerous design options and features, AG Millworks can make Bi-Fold Doors and Windows to fit your specific design needs! Click here to learn more about Bi-Fold Doors and Windows!

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