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Tuesday, May 07 2019

Planning a remodel to create indoor-outdoor living spaces? Choosing a Bi-Fold Door System can be a confusing process, especially if you are unfamiliar with this type of door system and its features. Below are nine mistakes you’ll want to avoid when including a large folding door system in your home design plans.

1 | Mixing up folding door configuration options.

When choosing a configuration (how the door panels open and fold) for your large folding door system, you want to be sure you are reading the configurations correctly. All Bi-Fold Door System configurations are viewed from the exterior of your home looking in. It is easy to get this confused and end up with doors opening and folding the opposite direction from what you were expecting.

2 | Choosing a door configuration without a daily door.

This mistake is easily made and happens often. It is important to choose a door configuration that will have a manual door, or “daily door,” that provides easy access to your outdoor space. Bi-Fold Door Systems with odd configurations (3L, 5R, 7L in at least one direction) have daily doors that can be opened without unlatching and opening the entire folding door system. You must choose a configuration with a daily door If you plan to access your home from the exterior of your large bi-fold door. If you choose an even door configuration (such as 4L or 2L2R) you will have to open the entire door system to access your outdoor space and you will not have exterior access if the doors get closed and you’re outside. Even configurations are only suitable for door systems that will only be opened for parties, etc. Never choose even configurations for a door you’ll use every day.

3 | Taking incorrect measurements.

Always have a professional installer measure your opening twice to be sure you are providing the correct measurements of your rough opening. Folding door systems are built to your requested net frame dimension, and if measurements are incorrect the unit will not fit properly into your rough opening.

4 | Not matching your bi-fold and transom design.

This mistake can leave your remodel looking unprofessional and tacky. If your plans call for a bi-fold door system paired with a transom, you want to be sure that your transom will match and align with your folding door design.

5 | Forgetting to check for overhang.

This is a big, costly mistake that you want to avoid. If you forget to check for overhang and order a bi-fold door system with a flush sill, you risk water penetration and serious damage to your home. A folding door system with a flush sill and insufficient overhang will not meet most warranties.

6 | Hiring an inexperienced folding door installer.

Bi-fold door systems are large, top-hung, technical door systems, that come with a pretty healthy price tag. Installation is not the right place to try to save money. Ask for recommendations for experienced installers of large patio door systems from your door dealer, or the manufactures of your bi-fold door system. Don’t trust framers or other tradespeople to install your beautiful new bi-fold door. An improperly installed door will never work properly, will not qualify for warranty, and will be your biggest regret. Hire a pro!

7 | Choosing the wrong clad color.

Don’t choose the wrong clad color, because it can’t be changed! If you are matching the exterior color of your folding door to your current windows and doors, make sure you double check and confirm that the color is correct. For unique or uncommon colors, custom color matching is also available.

8 | Forgetting to include a retractable accordion screen.

Don’t forget to include a retractable accordion screen in your folding door order! These screens are a luxurious but functional add-on that will allow you to enjoy fresh air while protecting your home from unwanted insects. Screens are integrated directly into the door jamb during production and can be pocketed completely out of sight for an additional charge.

9 | Overlooking your indoor and outdoor floorplans.

When planning your remodel it can be easy to forget about the layout of your spaces and how they interact. it is important to give some thought to the furniture layout of each space and remember that your custom patio door system can be ordered to fold and stack on one or both sides of the opening, depending on your needs.

To learn more about creating an indoor-outdoor living space with a large folding door system, visit our Bi-Fold Patio Door Product Page.

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