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Thursday, June 20 2019

If you live near a busy road with lots of traffic, you might be experiencing a lot of street related noise in your outdoor space and inside your home. These sounds can be loud and distracting, especially if you’re trying to take a nap, focus on a work project, or host guests for an outdoor dinner on the patio when the sound of engines and horns keep interrupting the conversation. There are ways to help reduce street noise and make your outdoor space feel a bit more private and serene.

Invest in dual pane windows and doors

Investing in dual pane windows and doors will help to filter the sound of passing cars and provide you with a quieter indoor space. In addition to noise reduction, dual pane windows better insulate your home and will keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If you plan on replacing windows and doors, now is a good time to consider creating a large indoor-outdoor living space with a folding door system.

To learn more about creating an indoor-outdoor lifestyle with bi-fold patio doors, visit our Bi-Fold Patio Door Product Page.

Hang window treatments

Curtains, blinds, and shutters can also help to reduce loud noises and create a more peaceful living environment. Even with dual pane windows installed, sounds can still travel into your home, so adding another protective layer over the windows to filter the noise is a good tactic. Moondream offers soundproof curtains in a variety of colors and backed by hundreds of great reviews.

Install solid fencing

When installing a fence around your property, it is important to consider a style that will provide a solid barrier between your space and the road. Instead of a chain link fence that has many openings, opt for a solid wood fence or stone wall that can look beautiful and help block some of the noise.

Plant lush greenery

Trees and shrubs significantly reduce noise from traveling into your backyard and home. Some of the best privacy trees are: Giant Green Thujas, Leyland Cypress, and Spartan Junipers. The more barriers between the street and your home, the quieter it will be.

Create water features

Creating a running water feature in your backyard and front yard can help cover up the city noises. You can run your waterfall or fountain to create a tranquil space and eliminate those bothersome sounds. You can check out Home Depot, or your local hardware store to find plenty of fountain designs. You may also consider hiring a landscaping and water feature professional to design a custom water feature for your outdoor space.

For outdoor water feature inspiration and to search for professionals, visit

Hang bird feeders

If you hang feeders full of seed outside, chances are you’ll have plenty of birds visiting your home. If birds are visiting regularly or nesting in nearby trees, their song calls will help to cover up the sounds of traffic and create a more relaxing indoor and outdoor space. You can find beautiful bird feeders on

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