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Tuesday, January 14 2020

We’ve officially entered a new year, and a new decade. As years go by, some home design trends shift, some evolve, and some continue to grow in popularity. The year is new, the economy is strong, and it is a perfect time to finally dive headfirst into the home remodel project you’ve been indefinitely postponing. Based on research from Architectural Digest and, these are some of the top design trends we can expect to see in 2020. Create your dream space and use these top home design trends as inspiration for your 2020 home improvement project.


Plants and Greenery

One home design trend that was popular in 2019 and will stick around for 2020 is the incorporation of indoor plants in your interior design. In 2020, there will be a slight shift from faux plants to live plants, however both provide a similar aesthetic. Plants and greenery can soften a space and connect your home to nature. This natural connection makes spaces feel more spacious, airy, peaceful, and healthy. Leafy foliage, cacti, and succulents can enhance your space and create an HGTV worthy design. Use this article in Women’s Health Magazine to find appealing house plants that can complement your space and benefit your health.

outdoor living space with wicker furniture and large folding doors

Outdoor Living is In

Another design trend that is here to stay is the concept of indoor/outdoor living. This trend continues to become more and more widespread—everyone wants to embrace an indoor/outdoor California lifestyle. Architects, designers, and builders across the nation are using folding and sliding glass doors and windows to create connections to the outdoors and extend living spaces. The indoor/outdoor room is one where walls disappear and lines between the two are blurred; it is made for easy entertaining, outdoor dining, and enjoying the benefits of fresh air and sunlight. To learn more about how you can create an indoor/outdoor living space in your home, click here.


Multi-Functional Spaces

The demand for multi-use spaces will continue to grow in 2020. People want less formality and more functionality—this means eliminating formal dining and living spaces and creating cohesive spaces where you can live, dine, and entertain. Guest bedrooms can double as home offices, closets can combine storage with cozy reading nooks, and laundry rooms can double as a craft zone. This demand for flexible spaces ties into the outdoor living trend, as homeowners want the ability to conveniently open their living space to the outside whenever they want.

living space with two white couches and large glass sliding doors

Minimalist Approach

In 2020, less is more. Less clutter, less décor. This design style includes a few statement pieces but keeps the design and décor simple and clean. There is an emphasis on connection to nature and an incorporation of bold colors.

white kitchen with wood folding glass doors and high exposed wood ceiling

Natural Wood

Incorporating natural wood finishes into home design will be big in 2020. Resorting back to natural wood finishes touches on the revolving theme of being more connecting to nature and embracing natural elements. The natural wood can be incorporated into flooring, door and window systems, exposed ceilings, and furniture. This design adds warmth to a space and creates a calming effect.

outdoor deck with rattan furniture and dining table

Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Both indoor and outdoor rattan and wicker furniture is making a comeback in 2020. These pieces bring modern and traditional styles together and create a balance between the two designs. The furniture is most shown with natural finishes which ties back to the popularity of a natural space with wood finishes, leafy plants, sunlight, open-air, and with a connection to nature.

Accessory Dwelling Units

ADUs or granny flats is another design trend that will continue to rule the industry. New California laws make the approval and permitting process for accessory dwelling units easier than ever. Whether you’re designing a space for your aging parents or a studio to collect rental income, this can be a great addition to your home and increase the value.

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