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Choosing the Perfect Patio Door: A Guide by AG Millworks
Thursday, April 11 2024

So, you've decided it's time to upgrade your patio doors. But, with so many options out there, how do you know which one is right for you? At AG Millworks, we offer a variety of door types to suit every architectural style and functional need. Let's explore each type and see how it fits into different spaces.

Bi-Fold Doors and Windows:


Ideal for modern homes with clean lines and contemporary architectural styles.

Bi-folds offer a geometric look that adds architectural allure.

Perfect for illuminating expansive rooms with natural light- this style is optimal for a resort-inspired lifestyle.

An excellent alternative when a pocketed sliding door isn't feasible due to space constraints. These bi-fold doors stack to the side, providing a picturesque frame for your home's natural view.

Multi-Slide Patio Doors



  • A versatile option, suitable for most existing architecture, including Contemporary and Historic Homes.
  • Available in pocketed and non-pocketed configurations.
  • Non-pocketed sliding patio doors are perfect when structural integrity is a concern.
  • Elevate your door experience with the futuristic appeal of electronic patio door automation, ensuring seamless, quiet operation with the press of a button.
  • Ideal option when square footage is limited.


Lift & Slide Doors:



  • Luxury meets innovation with hardware that allows effortless movement of large doors with this easy-of-a-handle set.
  • Demonstrate the doors' smooth operation to friends, creating an impression of richness and sophistication. 
  • Ideal for individuals with a limited range of motion.
  • Perfect for large, expansive doors for a weightless experience. 


French Swing Doors:



  • Timeless aesthetics that add character to any space.
  • Complement any existing door style with a daily-use French Swing Door - combining convenience with a stylish accentuation.
  • Perfect for smaller walls lacking structural integrity for large expansive doors.
  • Can be customized to larger scales, creating an impressive visual connection between indoor
  • and outdoor spaces.


Pivot Doors:


  • Perfect for individuals in search of a modern alternative to a traditional entry door, these doors open at a unique pivot point, creating a striking first impression for your home.
  • Perfect for people who strive for innovative craftsmanship, this door system features a magnet catch to keep the door secure while open. 
  • Customizable to fit most architectural aesthetics, adding a touch of elegance to your home's entrance.
  • These stunning doors have self-closing options, perfect for people seeking an effortless experience. 

In our next blog post, we'll dive into the extensive customization options available for AG Millworks Doors, ensuring your doors become the centerpiece of your home's aesthetic. Stay tuned for an exploration of how our doors can transform your living space into something truly extraordinary.

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