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Tuesday, September 10 2019

Doors are the gateway to your home, literally and figuratively. That’s why choosing and understanding which large glass door systems you need can truly create the perfect indoor-outdoor lifestyle you desire. Now finding patio doors for your home can seem like an easy and simple task, but when you start looking at the different options available, it can be overwhelming. Here is a simple break down to help guide you to your perfect patio door.

There are four popular styles: Bi-Folds, Multi-slides, French Doors, and Lift and Slides.


The most popular large glass door system is the Bi-fold. Bi-fold doors can eliminate entire walls in your home and bur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Bi-folds offer a unique design in which door panels fold up accordion-style on one or both sides of the opening, connecting each space. With almost unlimited folding door configurations available, you can find the perfect Bi-fold door for your space.


Multi-slide glass doors are another great option if you are looking to expand your living space to the outdoors. The Multi-slide operates like any sliding glass door: the panels slide open smoothly and stack at either side of the opening. If you want the door panels to completely disappear, pocketing Multi-slides are an option. A pocketing Multi-slide system will stack neatly inside the wall and leave behind a wide-open space. Keep in mind that pocketing doors require a wider jamb, and space inside the wall to stack all sliding door panels.

French Swings

If you love the idea of updating your patio door but lack the space for a larger glass door system, then French Doors are a tasteful alternative. French doors are the essence of class and elegance with a classic European design. French Doors can swing-in or swing-out, so you are guaranteed to find the proper door that will compliment your space. Installing French doors in your home is one of the best ways to create a light-filled, indoor-outdoor living space.

Lift and Slides

No, you don’t have to actually lift the door in order to slide it (although that would be impressive to show off to your guests). The Lift and Slide has a small lever that needs to be turned and with a slight nudge, the doors will smoothly roll away. Like the Multi-slide, the Lift and Slide has a guided track for the doors to slide and stack open. Lift and slides also have pocketing or non-pocketing options, depending on your design needs.


Now that you have a better explanation of the most popular large glass door system styles, you can begin to do more research about the doors you are interested in and talk to your architect or contractor for guidance. You may also visit your local door and window dealer to learn more about product features and view displays. Click here to find an AG millworks certified door and window dealer near you.

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